Parade 1st:
Parade 2nd:
Eagle Grove, IA

Parade 1st:
 Parade 2nd:
 Parade 3rd:
Lennox, SD
    Field 1st: Lennox, SD 69.9
   Field 2nd: Andover 66.1
   Field 3rd: Pipestone 64.6
 Field 4th:
Sioux City West IA 63.6
Field 5th:
Spirit Lake IA 62.4

Parade 1st:
Lakeville South
Field 1st:
Sioux Falls Washington SD
  Field 2nd: Lakeville South 63.7

Parade People's Choice:
Lakeville South
  Outstanding Horn Line: Sioux Falls Washington  
  Outstanding Percussion: Sioux Falls Washington  
  Outstanding Auxiliary: Sioux Falls Washington  
  Outstanding Drum Major: Lennox  

  Parade Sweepstakes: Stewartville 72.6
  Field Sweepstakes: Sioux Falls Washington 74.9

  Richard "Butch" Dufault Sweepstakes Award:
(Parade 40% - Field 60%)
  Herb Streitz Spirit Award: Lakeville South  

Each year the Waseca Marching Classic picks the finest judges in the region and we would like to welcome this year's judges for the 29th Annual Waseca Marching Classic. They are as follows:

Parade Judges:

  • Music Execution: Barry Peterson - Eagan, MN
  • Marching Execution: Jon Mattheis - Sioux Falls, SD
  • Visual General Effect: Lane Powell - Harmony, MN
  • Music General Effect: John Greene - Apple Valley, MN

Field Judges:

  • Head Judge: Lane Powell -  Harmony, MN
  • Music Execution: Dale Nelson - Luverne, MN
  • Music General Effect: Steve Citta - Cedar Falls, IA
  • Visual General Effect: John Greene - Apple Valley, MN
  • Percussion: Barry Peterson - Eagan, MN
  • Colorguard/Auxiliary: Lane Powell - Harmony, MN

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 17, 2016 for the 29th Annual Waseca Marching Classic! Below is the parade line up and field competition schedule for this years event.

Parade Competition - 12:30pm Downtown Waseca

Order  Class  Band 
1.  A Eagle Grove (IA)
2.  NRHEG 
3. AA Lennox (SD)
4. AA Pipestone
5. AA Stewartville
6. AAA Lakeville South
7.  Exhib.  Waseca Marching Jays 

Parade Awards Ceremony at Trowbridge Park Bandstand immediately following the parade.

Field Competition - 5:00pm Waseca High School

Time  Class  Band 
5:00  Introductions and Announcements
5:15 AA Spirit Lake (IA)
5:33 AA Pipestone
5:51 AA Lennox (SD)
6:09 AA Andover
6:27 AA Sioux City West
6:40 BREAK
6:55 AAA Lakeville South
7:13 AAA Sioux Falls Washington (SD)
7:30 Exhib. Waseca Marching Jays
7:45 Special Feature
8:00  Awards Ceremony 


DirectorInviteLetter2016 ThumbAnother Waseca Marching Classic is just around the corner in 5 months on September 17, 2016! Director invites have gone out and registration is available. You can find copies of the registration form on our Registration page along with instructions. If you would like to see your favorite band perform at the 29th Classic, please make sure to let your band director know!

The 28th Annual Waseca Marching Classic is now history, and we would like to thank everyone that came to participate, spectate, and volunteer for the wonderful festivities. The weather turned out absolutely beautiful this year which helped make for some even more enjoyable memories for all.

We have posted the 2015 Scores and Awards for this year's Marching Classic on our site. We look forward to seeing you next year!